Remember… skin cancer is Australia’s ‘national cancer’. And 2 in 3 of us are likely to get it at some stage in our lives. So you’re definitely not alone. The good news is over 98% of skin cancers can be successfully treated if they’re found early, which is what we’re all about – so hopefully we’ve helped get you on the right track to treatment & recovery. If you need some inspiration on this journey… check out our #SkinCheckVictory posts:


Your GP is usually the best one to treat your skin cancer or connect you with other specialists / organisations if necessary. Lucky for you – Australia has some of the best treatment and research people in the world. If you’d like to check out their work here’s some links we happily recommend:

Cancer Council 13 11 20
A free confidential telephone support service in each state and territory

Support groups
Bringing together people affected by cancer for extra support

Trusted resources
Additional sources of cancer information

Support Options
A wealth of services for you and your family to overcome melanoma, all at no charge.

Melanoma Nurse Telehealth Service
Helping you navigate the health system & access services – particularly for regional Australians.

Patient Support Groups
A melanoma diagnosis can be a confusing and traumatic time. That’s why MIA provides important support groups to help you and your family deal with melanoma.

Patient Guides
Designed to help you understand more if you’ve been recently diagnosed with melanoma.

Telehealth Appointments
A one-on-one appointment with a dermatologist to talk about your care and treatment options.

Clinics & Services
Providing advanced treatment on a wide variety of skin disorders, skin cancers and melanomas for metropolitan, rural and interstate patients.