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Believe it or not Beard Season founder Jimmy Niggles was invited BACK onto the Sunrise Weather cross – this time as an ambassador for the Reigning Men exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum.

We’ve had quite an illustrious history with Sam Mac and the @SunriseOn7 weather cross #DreamTeam.

Everything from racing against an @AudiAustralia R8 in a golf cart on @HamiltonIsland to dominating @SamMacInsta with the #CircleGame on live TV. This time it was his turn to stitch me up saying my favourite outfit in the #ReigningMenExhibition is a light pink @Gucci GString.

Little does he know I’ve never worn underwear since the 2008 @FallsFestival (which is a story for another time). Plus it’s not that #SunSmart. We did however find Sam’s outfit which can actually change the weather at will. Making him even more of an icon… Great to hear he always books in for a #BeardSeasonSkincheck each winter too.

Thanks so much @MAASmuseum and the @Channel7 team for getting the #MillionDollarBeard back on screens around the country. This kind of thing (as well as being a lot of fun) can save a lot of lives.

Check out our little edit here.


AND… the actual one here: