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Skin Cancer is known as our ‘national cancer’.
2 in 3 of us are likely to do battle with it,
our rates are 12 times the global norm,
it costs our healthcare system over $1.4B a year
and kills an average of one Aussie ever 6 hrs.


Thankfully, over 98% of skin cancers can be successfully treated if detected early, which is exactly what our charity & this petition is all about.


In the last two decades since a formal skin cancer screening model was proposed – and deemed too expensive, advances in technology, talent and treatment pathways have significantly improved. Meaning… a more efficient and effective model is now a viable option for Government investment.


It’s called ‘Project Check Mate’, and early stage economic forecasting show a 30:1 return on investment for the healthcare system, not to mention the thousands of lives saved every year from a co-ordinated pop-up skin check program, targeting high risk communities (particularly in remote / regional Australia).


Non-profit charity Skin Check Champions has worked on a viable model for this program for over a decade, checking more than 10,000 Australian’s and gathering data and improving strategies to inform such an initiative. Their average rate of detection is up around 1 in 25. Which is far higher than any other model previously proposed.


The key is technology, talent and targeting. Together, with Federal and State Departments, we believe it’s time Australia back a ‘Targeted National Skin Check Program’ and start leading the world in the early detection of skin cancer, rather than skin cancer deaths.


Together, we can make skin cancer history.
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To stay in touch with our progress, learn more about the cause and become a ‘Skin Check Champion’, please leave your details and we’ll be in touch soon! Thanks so much for getting involved.

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Skin Check Champions from all over the country are sharing their stories to build momentum behind this important initiative. We hope their stories inspire you to do the same and help save so many more Aussies from our 'national cancer'. Every signature counts!!