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Over the past 13 years we’ve been diligently trailing and improving our model of skin cancer screening. After 17,000+ skin checks in over 100 locations, it has steadily become (in our humble opinion) one of the most efficient and effective of it’s kind ever rolled out in Australia, if not – the world. With a very low cost per check and high detection rate per people screened. Now, we don’t envisage this service to operate in isolation. Instead, it’s designed to compliment and assist other screening models currently being researched and trialled to serve high risk co-horts and areas of unmet need. Part of a ‘spectrum of solutions’ to save people from our ‘national cancer’.

All of this and more will be enthusiastically discussed at a round table in the 23rd of May in Adelaide with the Federal Minister for Health, Cancer Australia and the Melanoma Institute. Along with other key stakeholders like the Cancer Council, the new Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Centre and various universities / organisations doing magnificent work in the prevention / early detection space.

After our own research project with the University of South Australia / Rosemary Bryant Research Centre which investigated the role of nurses and artificial intelligence for capacity building and pop-up clinics at regional / remote events, we’ve very excited to share the results and champion all the work you’ve helped make possible. Without you this wouldn’t be as high on the Health Department’s agenda and it really does feel brilliant to be a lot closer to something we’ve been working so hard on since losing our friend to skin cancer back in 2010. Because of all this work, data and evidence, we submitted our first Federal Budget Request which has a conservative economic benefit of $15.25M. Something we can easily scale and integrate with other proposed programs for a much larger cost saving. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to prove this modelling with a productive slice of the $10M roadmap allocation to our friends at the Melanoma Institute. Fingers and toes are crossed for the 23rd of May to go well.



P.S. The last time we were invited to a Government round table for cancer screening back in 2019 – skin cancer came on the agenda no-one else had anything to say. Now, hopefully… we’re all in a solid place to work together to bring this once in a generational opportunity to life.

Together, we can make skin cancer history.

Jimmy Niggles Esq.

CEO & Founder of Skin Check Champions. Winning the race against skin cancer by championing early detection. Master charity of Beard Season.