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Sam Hargrave is an American actor, director, stuntman and stunt coordinator. For the past ten months, he has been growing his beard while shooting a new film called DHAKA, starring Aussie Hollywood Superstar Chris Hemsworth.

In February, Chris posted a video to his Instagram feed talking about how he’s going to shave Sam’s beard off when the film wraps. A tradition started by Ben Affleck, Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle while filming Avengers.

In the comments section of this post, a lot of people tagged an Aussie charity called Beard Season, who is doing a great job encouraging people to get a skin check for melanoma – saving a life a week.

The charity’s founder, Jimmy Niggles Esq. promptly reached out to Sam and asked if he’d like to donate his glorious neck mane to Beard Season. To do what you ask?

Well, he plans to ‘cross pollinate’ Sam’s beard into his, in a bid to make it more valuable. You see Jimmy is on a mission to sell his beard for a million dollars, funding the growth of his charity and a free national skin check program.

He has already had it dipped in gold, trimmed by Sir Richard Branson, advertised on billboards and featured on talk shows. It has even represented Australia at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Austin Texas. All to attract a buyer.

It’s the only fundraising campaign the charity has embarked on, and with Chris Hemsworth’s 24.4 million social media followers, this will surely get Beard Season closer to their goal – while saving a lot of lives.

Currently, two out of three Australian’s a likely to get some form of skin cancer before they’re 75. The most dangerous form of skin cancer is melanoma, killing more than five people a day in Australia, six a day in the UK, and 24 a day in USA. Thankfully, melanoma is one of the most successful to treat cancers if it’s found early, which is why Beard Season champions early detection.

Sam and Chris are challenging everyone who watches this video to visit a GP or dermatologist for a skin check, which includes you. So make sure you book yourself in and let us know how you go. The life these beards might save could be yours.