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A bloke from WA by the name of Kerby Brown spends a lot of time in the water.
Because of this, he’s one of the millions of surfers who are at greater risk of skin cancer & melanoma.

A risk Kerby dominates like a lord – making sure he has a skin check every winter and growing his beard to remind all those around him to do the same.

Another risk Kerby dominates is the big waves of the Wes Coast. The kind that’d even make Poseidon a quivering mess. Skills we’re honoured to share with you now as Kerby is one of our talented Beard Season Amabssadors. It’s the first time we’ve seen our logo at the end of a surf film and we’re absolutely over the moon about it. Especially with someone so fearless. But someone who cares so much about his family and friends that he grows his beard with purpose and makes sure to get a skin check with his GP/dermatologist every year. So he can keep doing what he loves for longer. Much respect mate!!

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